Secure your hybrid cloud with Azure


By Mohit Chhabra | Thursday, April 23, 2020, 08:30 PM IST – Duration 60 mins

The session is about how we can set up a hybrid environment with Azure Arc and bring the capabilities of azure management and azure security from the Azure portal. We will further drill down into security and learn how we can set up the azure security center in a way that secures the cloud and on-prem workloads.

Mohit Chhabra is working as Software Engineer at Medialesson GMBH, Germany. He is currently Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for Microsoft Azure and former leader of BDotnet (India’s Biggest offline community). He has delivered more than 50 sessions in the community and international conferences. Prior to this, Mohit was Microsoft Student Partner and Mozilla Student Representative. He was also India’s first Azure Champion and the first person to intern at Microsoft Technology Center.

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