“I don’t write to read, but to learn!”

I started writing Technical articles back in October 2017 at online web communities for the very first time, and won the best article of the month award consecutively for two months in a row. And there gain a confidence in writing more n more articles for sharpening my understanding.

My writing revolves around cloud ecosystem, focusing the supercool Microsoft Azure. My writings mainly focus beginners, novice cloud developer, pre-sales consultants, Business analyst to taste the sense of subject. With Technical articles publishing at multiple technical communities, I started with own YouTube channels to present my experience to user with live demo.

And, finally I step into world of books.

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  • Book Title: Learning Azure Cosmos DB – Gain an in-depth understanding of Azure Cosmos DB — a multi-model database from Microsoft
  • Publisher: Packt
  • Published Date: May 2018

azure-cosmos DB

Journey started with contributing as Technical Reviewer for an interesting topic close to my heart, Azure Cosmos DB. Packt publisher presented me this opportunity to work as TR – Technical reviewer for the book which got published in June 2018.

Day when I received my copy, the very first thing I did, was to click


It was new, hectic and an amazing experience to review the book. You can preview the book content here, and if wish to go for buying the book, have it from here.

Note: I don’t have any affiliation with publisher nor Author, it’s a proud activity for me and hence mentioned and shared.

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This book is my debut as an Author. The entire journey for completing this book was simply adventurous. Adventure, came in, as I started writing this book, the entire product architecture got revamped, making my work more interesting. Know topics with surprisingly new content came in all altogether.

What make this book unique is that, it’s the only book being taken care covering QnA Maker service after being announced as Generally Available in May, during build 2018.

Will recommend you to have this book, as it covers the easiest and best way to develop FAQ Bot with writing no code.