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I have been awarded TutorialsLink Tech Community Impact Award – 2020


Was honored and full of pride to receive the below mail from TutorialsLink Tech Community. Yes I have been awarded with TutorialsLink Tech Community Impact Award – 2020

Dear Kasam,

It is our honor to award you TutorialsLink Tech Community Impact Award, 2020. The award is awarded to you with the knowledge that you have contributed to your tech community and has created an impact within and outside your community. This award is not only to recognize your contributions but also to acknowledge your passion to make a tech community an impactful one.

We at TutorialsLink take pride and honor to award you one of the precious awards i.e., TutorialsLink Tech Community Impact Award 2020.

The e-certificate is attached to this mail as an attachment kindly find it. 

At Tutorialslink Community we take pride in celebrating technical contributions by any individual, also we would love to invite you to our Community if you want to share your knowledge with our Community. We would love to have you. Please know it will be a voluntary task and it’s optional. Again, we would love to thank you for all the contributions you do to any Tech Community to make this Tech Ecosystem knowledge available to everyone, everywhere.

Thank you,

Team TutorialsLink 

TutorialsLink Tech Community Impact Award 2020
TutorialsLink Tech Community Impact Award 2020

A big thank you to Team TutorialsLink for considering my Contribution and recognizing it in this amazing way.



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