Scaling .Net containers with Azure Kubernetes Service and Serverless Azure Container Instance


By Nilesh Gule | 06th September ‘20

Serverless Containers with Event-driven Workloads. Kubernetes based Event-Driven Autoscaling (KEDA) project helps in scaling containers based on events. In this session, we will explore how to use .Net Core Docker containers to consume RabbitMQ messages. The RabbitMQ Producer and Consumer are deployed to the Azure Kubernetes Service cluster. The consumers will be autoscaled based on the number of messages. We also see the power of Serverless computing with the extension of Kubernetes cluster workloads to Azure Container Instances (ACI).

Topic you will learn during the live demo:

1 – Containerize .Net Core Web API and executable using Dockerfile
2 – Build and Publish docker images to a private container registry (Azure Container Registry)
3 – Use YAML files to describe Kubernetes deployments
4 – Provision AKS cluster using an idempotent Powershell script
5 – Deploy RabbitMQ cluster & KEDA using Helm charts
6 – Deploy application containers to Kubernetes
7 – Auto scale RabbitMQ consumer using KEDA
8 – Extend the scaling capabilities to serverless Azure Container Instances (ACI) using Virtual Node

Watch the live recording below,

Thank you for watching, Happy Azure learning!


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